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Dan Hawk, founder of RedHawk Graphics had a fascination with typography at a very young age. Paper routes, delivering circulars and other work provided the money to buy PressType (an old term for rub-off lettering). He would make logos and just combine letters together for fun. Yes… he was a strange child…

After graduating from High School, Dan went on to study graphic design with some of Southern Arizona’s most noted advertising minds- including Jay Taylor, Art Thom, and Ken Gardner. But at that time- before desktop publishing even existed, getting involved with that market required a degree and/or a ton of money to get started. While working at a video equipment store in the mall, he made friends with a man named Jim,, who was a business investor. One day in 1983, at breakfast, Jim told Dan about this wonderful little computer that he saw in person in California. “It’s amazing!” he told Dan. “You can actually type on the screen, place photos and it eliminates the need for a typesetter and more!” Dan was beside himself as Jim explained the system. Jim had invested a sizeable amount of money in this small company because he was so impressed with what he saw. The company was called Apple and the computer was called a Macintosh, Within a year, local print shop chain Alphagraphics purchased these awesome little boxes and made them available to the public in their local copy shop. Priced out of his range (about $2500 then) he made a vow to try to get a Mac someday. And that he did- in 1986. He started making brochures, church bulletins, business cards and small catalogs for friends.

That grew into a job offer with Jerry’s Audio in Phoenix to produce their annual catalog and weekly ads. He was awarded “Best Retailer Ad” by Mitsubishi Electronics in 1989. In 1991 Dan started SilverHawk Graphics in Scottsdale, AZ with a partner, producing a publication called The Creative Designer, a resource book for Arizona’s interior decorators and provided graphic design services for the clients of the book. In 1993 Dan moved to Tucson to become Art Director and Marketing Manager for Precision Shooting Equipment, (PSE) the world’s largest archery manufacturer. In 1998 he won the “Best of Detroit” with a catalog designed for PSE. In 1999 Dan helped start Hollis Creative, a Tucson based advertising firm. For 3 years he produced the Ruger Firearms annual catalog, and worked with IBM, RVSI, Rainbird and other companies and organizations. RedHawk Graphics was officially started in 2001 and has grown into what it is today with just word of mouth, quick response times and world-class graphic production. From 2008 through 2014 Redhawk Graphics was the agency responsible for building, designing and maintaining Sprint Cup Driver Martin Truex Jr’s website as well as his Foundation’s website. Redhawk has also worked with Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, Drivetech Racing Schools and as of March of 2014 is now responsible for Tucson Speedway’s website.

Although times have changed, Dan still pours himself into each and every job as if it was his first…. as he will with your next project as well.